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UK Passport Application Check and Send Support Service - £69

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Did you know that over 250,000 UK Passport applications are rejected each year by HM Passport Office due to simple mistakes?*

First and foremost, by using our checking service, you can rest assured that your application will not fall in to the category of rejected applications.
Our service involves your application being checked for common errors or omissions and corrected prior to submission to HM Passport Office to ensure that when they send you your application form, it is free of errors and contains all of the information required for submission to HM Passport Office once you have signed the form and attached your photographs, supporting documents and payment.
Our staff will check the application details that you submit through our online form and make corrections where necessary and if we are unable to correct the information ourselves, we will contact you by phone or email to verify the information required with you directly before proceeding.
Once the checking service is completed, we will submit your application to HM Passport Office via their website and record the unique reference number of the application form that they issue and send out. Usually the forms will arrive with you within 7-10 days however HM Passport Office do warn that it can sometimes take a little longer than this during their peak period (January-August).
As per the information on the homepage of our website, a similar checking service can be obtained from the Post Office at a reduced fee however our service carries the added benefit of being available 24 hours a day, you can apply for our service without leaving the comfort of your own home and the form will be sent to you to complete which, for many of our customers is far more convenient than visiting a branch of the post office during their limited opening times and filling in a form themselves. You can also apply directly with HM Passport Office with no checking service where there will be no checking fee payable by visiting or by clicking the "Visit HMPO" link on our homepage.

What else do we offer?
Translation Service:

We fully appreciate that it's trying enough to fill out government forms, without struggling if English isn't your first language! We are delighted to make available our wide board of translators. We can offer help with most languages, and find somebody who speaks your native tongue to help you. We can translate the following:


French Polish Turkish Finnish Urdu
German Hungarian Greek Swedish Bengali
Spanish Russian Arabic Norwegian Hindi
Italian Slovakian Hebrew Dutch Many more....

Please contact us for further information.

Renewal Reminder:

We will contact you before your passport is due to be renewed to remind you of the imminent expiry of your application and to offer our services to assist you with your renewal application at a reduced fee. We will contact Adult applicants 2 months before the 10 year anniversary of your application date and the guardian of Child applicants 2 months before the 5 year anniversary of the application date.

Customer call back service:

We offer a customer call back service to answer queries relating to Passport applications.

Comparison of our services:
SERVICE Passport Direct HM Passport Office
Online application service available 24/7
Checking of application details for errors/omissions which may delay the issue of a passport
Reminder service. We will remind you when your passport is due to expire
Translation services available if English is not your first language
Collection Service of your Passport from any UK Passport Office (Additional fees apply)
Customer call-back service
OUR CHARGES Passport Direct HM Passport Office
Administration Fee £69 Free
Fee payable to HM Passport Office From £72.50 From £72.50